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Character Dance? No, it's not Mickey Mouse Technique!

Hello Dance Dreamers

Hope you are having a great day,

and if not, that it gets better quickly!

I know the struggles.

Some hints - a little essential oil in the mask is calming!

I also found the silicone cage in the mask keeps me from 

inhaling the mask. Game changer.

This weeks free downloads are the letter "M"

from Vol.2 - A Ballet Alphabet.

I have also included the facing page from the book, 

which has the definitions and biographies.

Last week, on a social site, the subject of character dance

came up. I thought sharing this page with you would 

open up discussion on the subject with your students,

and introduce them to another style of dance,

if they haven't yet seen or heard of it.

I was trained early on in this style, and

performed for many years with two fabulous companies,

in Philadelphia and New York. I teach strictly 

character classes, and also incorporate it into my weekly 

ballet classes as a special treat for my students.

I saved some nice ballet character videos in my

YouTube playlist portal for the letter "M".

Links are on my website:

Consider Vol.2 - A Ballet Alphabet as a supplement

to your classes. The pages are great for take

homes after each class, or can be emailed and

shared with your virtual students.

Please share with me how you use the books

in class or at leisure! Would love to hear from you.

All links for freebies, and to purchase 

individual pages and full books

on my website.


- Kristine


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