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Happy Birthday Dance Dreams Volume 1!

Four years ago, Dance Dreams Coloring Book, Volume 1 started it's journey around the world! Over 1,500 books sold to date! Thank you to all of you Dance Dreamers who encouraged me with your kind words of support and your lovely colored pages. Almost four years to the day, Volume 2 was born. It is the #1 new classical dance book on Amazon today, and following in it's sisters footsteps, already travelling across oceans! This has been a wonder-ful journey. Stay tuned - June 1st is the target date for Volume 3 - A Boys Alphabet, and July 1 for the new Danse Nouveau series.

Come join me on YouTube as I color the weekly Freebie! Print yourself a copy or two and head over to the YouTube channel - Dance Dreams Coloring Book - for free half hour coloring sessions with yours truly! My cats often join me as I sit with relaxing music and a cuppa tea, and color my dance dreams.

Happy Coloring! - Kristine

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