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Falling for Fall...

I was not happy to say goodbye to summer - even though I spent plenty of time out of doors in the sunshine, I was not looking forward to cold and damp! Lucky me here in Pennsylvania - we are in the midst of a warm spell.

I put some perennials "to bed" as I call it, tucking them under piles of leaves and singing them lullabys. The miracle that they come up again each Spring will never cease to amaze me!

I'm tending to my dancers this month with a gratitude wall at the studio. The girls can take a cut out leaf and write on it a few words of gratitude, and pin it to a tree shape I've put up. I also dressed up a mannequin in an old autumn colored lyrical costume. The girls will be bringing in colored leaves for us to pin to her skirt.

Some of them are going back to school today live, and I know they are excited and nervous. I'm so happy for them.

Hugs to all of you trying 100% to keep it together with so much uncertainty.

Here's to a healthy and peaceful season of composting and tending, with dreams for continued growth!

- Kristine


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