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Oh sweet month of remembering the best motivation for doing anything and everything....LOVE!

I often think stores roll out seasonal decorations way too early - months before the actually holiday. I don't mind seeing Valentine's Day decorations and sentiments everywhere however. I agree that Valentine's day, like all the other celebrations of the year, has been saturated in marketing and branding campaigns. We all have a choice what we "buy" into, literally and figuratively. I will take LOVE and reminders of LOVE everyday and in every way!

At the studio I have created "Lubby Dubby" week and I remind my girls how treasured and cherished they are, and also about "self-love" and self confidence and self esteem. So many of my teenagers are struggling in high school and with social media - trying to fit in and be popular and followed, etc. I think I may buy a dozen roses at the inexpensive produce store in town and surprise them this year. We all dress in pink and red, and I choose love themed music and song for every class.

I appreciate all my fellow dance teachers, dancers and artists who are keeping the love light burning for their art, and continuing to share.


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